New Year New …

I collect (possibly hoard) art supplies. Its similar to buying new tennis shoes to run faster. Just owning the art supply will improve, inspire … you get the picture!!

First up – Derwent Inktense Pencils

I’m a little afraid of colored pencils. My art style is big, bold, abstract. I admire beautiful colored pencil creations but don’t want to emulate. So why do I buy colored pencils?? As well as other mark making supplies?? First of all I like sets of things! I love all the colors in one place. I also like the portability of “small” supplies. Though I don’t go anywhere with them! I like the idea. I day dream of sketching in public. Maybe this year?? Just found this post that could help!


Back to the Derwent Inktense Pencils – With no idea what to do and lots of googling I started with a color chart. I’m spending a week with these pencils! More soon.


Habit, Routine & Ritual

3:00 pm Cinnamon Tea Time

New Year!!! New Me??? I am trying to develops some new habits, routines and rituals to align with my motto for 2021. This year’s motto is Easy Does It. Last year’s was Suit Up and Show Up. I’m pretty worn out from suiting up and showing up for all the ups and downs of 2020. Hopefully 3:00 pm Cinnamon Tea Time will become a new habit, routine or ritual to promote Easy Does It!