“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse

work in progress

I have a mind whirring with ideas. Sometimes they are gently fluttering in large lazy loops. Usually they are tumbling over each other pushing and shoving, yelling “look at me, NOOOO look at me!” Queuing up in a jumbled line. Then, I pick one! Stepping out of my comfort zone in to the wild and wooly world of creativity. I take the leap and not three minutes into the “zone” my left brain says, “this is messy, you’re wasting a lot of paint, be careful you don’t want to spill on the floor”. The doubt and hesitation start. Dragging my big, bold idea down to trite and amateurish.

It does take a lot of boldness and courage to express our ideas and put them in front of the world. The world needs us. The world needs courageous makers adding to the world. Next time you feel trite and amateurish take the Wonder Woman stance and we’ll stand elbow to elbow gathering creativity energy from each other.


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